Class Baskets for Silent Auction

Class Baskets for Silent Auction

Each class donates a themed gift basket to the silent auction. Consult the list below to see the theme for your child’s class basket!

Headstart/ PPCD/ Pre-K

Mangham/Beatty/Hoefs: Little Picasso: anything art, easel, paint, chalk, markers, play dough, construction paper, kids scissors, craft kits


Good/Ruffino: All About Boys: matchbox cars, army men, sports equipment, silly putty, Frisbee, etc

Vezurk/Pipes: Yards of Fun: slip n slide, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, pool toys, water sprinklers, bug catcher/nets, rockets, croquet, bocce ball

Weaver: All About Girls: earrings, dolls, American girl items, pink sporting equipment, stickers, crafting kits, hair things

First Grade

McKown/Burns: Date Night Gift Card Wreath: movie/restaurant/entertainment gift cards

Sasse/Coulson: Family Game Night: board games, snack items, puzzles, score keeping notebook, pencils, Grand Station gift card, pizza gift certificate

Rollins/Roberts: Movie Mania: DVDs or Blu-ray discs (Cartoons, classics, comedies, family, kids, action), popcorn, candy, blu-ray disc player

Second Grade

Williams/Given: Inspire 2.0: Big Inventors: inventor or science kits, DVD’s, microscope, telescope, robotics, crystal mining, geodes, etc

Taylor/Aguirre /Beard: Christmas Crazy: ornaments, Christmas cards, decorations, candles, wrapping paper, gift tags, bows, etc.

Shaum/Farnie: Master Builder (Lego): Lego storage bins, Lego Ninjago, Lego City, Lego Friends, Lego superhero, Legoland tickets, Lego t-shirts or memorabilia, etc.

Third Grade

Landmann/Lyon: Pet Lovers: anything for pets, bones, treats, toys, feeding bowls, bed, litter box, aquarium, fish food, leash, collar, pet store gift card, etc.

Meza/Thompson: Wild World of Sports: sporting equipment or gear, academy gift cards, tickets to a sporting event, balls, bats, gloves, etc

Gibson/Anz: Great Outdoors: camping gear – tent, sleeping bag, cot, air-mattress, flashlight, lantern, camp stove, camp cooking equipment, flint, marshmallow skewers, playing cards, bug repellent, tiki torches, first aid kit, etc.

Fourth Grade

Snider/Cawley: Culinary Creations: anything to cook with or for the kitchen, specialty mixes or seasonings, bakeware, cookbooks, cooking with kids items

Prcin/Konderla: Electronic Everything: iTunes / Best Buy / App store / AT&T gift card, phone or computer accessories, ear buds, headphones, gaming devices, iPod chargers, game controllers (Wii, Xbox, etc.), Games for gaming devices

Bandfield/Mitchell: A is for Aggie: anything Aggie, clothing items, dishes, jewelry, hats, home décor, seasonal items