PTO Board Positions

Interested in getting involved with the Forest Ridge PTO Board? Here is a list of position descriptions and responsibilities.


  • Prepares agendas for meetings and presides and maintains order at meetings.
  • Serves as a member ex-officio of all committees, assisting committee chairs as needed.
  • Serves as liaison between school administrators and board. Represents campus PTO as a member of CSISD citywide PTO. Previous board service required for this position.

Vice President 

  • Assists the president as needed.
  • Presides and maintains order at meetings in the absence of the president.
  • Previous board service required for this position.


  • Records the minutes of meetings of the PTO.
  • Prepares the minutes and distributes electronically to all board members.
  • Maintains and has available at all meetings bylaws, minutes, correspondence and business procedures.


  • Receives all monies of the organization and pays out funds in accordance with approved budget as authorized by PTO Board.
  • Keeps an accurate account of all financial transactions of PTO. Presents a financial report at each meeting.
  • Keeps records including bank statements, financial reports, budgets, receipts, invoices, etc. Submits all necessary tax information and reports.


Produces PTO newsletter every six weeks. Produces other print flyers and information for other PTO areas, including Fall Festival. Updates the marquee sign at front entrance of campus as needed. Maintains and updates the PTO website with current PTO information, photos and graphics.


  • Coordinates with administrators and Falconpalooza Committee chairs in the creation, production, and sale of school t-shirts, Falconpalooza t-shirts and Falcon hoodies.


  • Serves as head of the Falconpalooza Fall Festival Committee.
  • Manages a large team to plan and produce a profitable and fun festival/carnival for our school.

Book Fair

  • Coordinates with the librarian to plan Fall and Spring book fair volunteers, set up, and event dinners.

Spirit Nights

  • Coordinates with local restaurants to arrange spirit days/nights for profit-share fundraisers and community building events.

VIPS (Volunteers in Public Schools)

  • Recruits and organizes volunteers for PTO and school events throughout the year including Falconpalooza/Fall Festival volunteers.

Falcon Fathers

  • Organizes the “Daddy Patrol” crosswalk volunteers and the family event “Dogs with Dads” where dads cook a hot dog meal for the entire Falcon Family.


  • Organizes, creates, publishes and sells the Falcon Yearbook with the guidance and help of Balfour publishing company and many parent photographers.

Box Tops

  • Promotes Box Top collecting through the implementation of contests for grade levels.
  • Collects, organizes, and submits the school’s box tops to the Box Tops program, meeting a Fall and Spring deadline.


  • During the first six weeks of school, produces a directory of all Falcon students who have given permission for inclusion.

Food Drive

  • Organizes the spring food drive and promotes participation through friendly competitions between grade levels.